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This fucking website is dedicated to promoting all “Punishment 18 Records” releases.

Here you can find press info, pics, vids and audio files of our releases.



In addition to supporting bands, Punishment 18 Records is a well-known name on the festival and record fair circuits. We work instantly to bring our selection of underground music to stages around the world, offering metal fans the opportunity to discover and connect with new sounds and new experiences.


We reissue the great classics that we have loved and cherish and that they opened up the world of this immense passion to us!


The name Punishment 18 Records was inspired by two of the Megadeth founders’ favorite songs, “Holy Wars (The Punishment Due)” and “Hangar 18.” This is the origin of the label name, metal to the bone!

Punishment 18 Records was born to support and promote underground bands! We are committed to offering an authentic platform dedicated to the true essence of the genre. Our mission is simple but powerful: to provide a haven for bands who embrace the truest side of metal music. This means giving a voice to emerging talents, passionately supporting those who want to make their voices heard.

We are committed to working with seriousness and dedication, collaborating with bands to develop projects that convey their artistic vision in an authentic and engaging way. We are convinced that metal is much more than just a musical genre; it is a culture, a philosophy, a way of life. And this is reflected in our commitment to bands who embrace this philosophy with passion and determination.

Join us on our journey through the world of underground metal.

With Punishment 18 Records, your passion for music becomes reality.



Contact Us

As the amount of demos and emails we receive daily is totally unbearable for a small staff, we will only reply to emails that require a reply, or to bands we are interested in talking to.

Be assured we DO listen to ANY demo we receive, we cannot though reply to everyone to simply say “Thanx, but we’re not interested”.

It might seem rude, well SORRY! but time is not infinite. We do our best.

Thanx for understanding.

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